Modern Lighting Square Crystal Ceiling Lights

Material: this 19.5″*19.5″ crystal ceiling light use transparent square k5 first quality crystal, together with the stainless steel, when turn on the switch on the wall, the white and warm led light through the crystal ,more shinning and luxury, looking like diamond on the ceiling much more bright! We suggest the room size 15-20^2, it can be used in such as: bedroom / diningroom / babyroom / livingroom / studio / restaurant / coffeeshop / balcony / foyer / corridor / hallway / aisle .ect


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Easy Fit Ceiling Light: eplazalighting focus on the simply design and easy assembly lights to decoration house, only middle drop parts need to fit by yourself, other crystal parts has been finished before you open the carton, meanwhile we have install in English easy to understand





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